This tutorial will teach you how to install the Python programming language on Windows. Python is a great programming language to learn because it offers many great libraries that can help you build the programs you want to easily. It also has a multitude of documentation available for you to utilize when programming complex projects.

Table of Contents

Finding the Right Download

First, you should go to the Python website. It should show up in your URL bar as something like this:

Python website url

Make sure that you see the green lock to the left of the url with the words Python Software Foundation because that signifies that this website is officially sanctioned by the organization that develops Python.

Hover over the downloads link in the navigation bar, and click on the Windows link provided.

Python download link

Once the page has loaded, you should see the following links below:

Select python3 releases

Click the link which has the words Latest Python 3 Release.

This will take you to a page which has the following table:

Download table

Select Windows x86-64 executable installer if you have a 64-bit computer.

Select Windows x86 executable installer if you have a 32-bit computer.

A download dialog should pop up on your screen:

Download dialog

Click Save File because you’ll want to run it later to install Python.

After it has finished downloading, select the download from the dropdown menu in your browser to start installing Python.

Run from downloads

Installing Python

This screen should come up after running the download:

First installation screen

Be sure to have the checkbox titled, Add Python to PATH, checked:

Check python path

Now click Install Now to start the installation.

Install now

A window may pop up asking whether you want to allow the installation access to your hard drive. Click yes because you want to install Python.

The Python installer should show its progress like this:

Python installing window

Congratulations! If you see a window like the one below, your Python installation is finished!

Python installation finished

Click Close to exit the installer.


You now have a powerful programming language available to use on your computer. It has many libraries that you could use to make games, websites, and applications – all within the same easy-to-use language. Let me know in the comments what you’re using Python for!

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